Wargames - under the walls of Alnwick Castle, Northumberland

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We could see a great stunt show when the stunts in the field next to Alnwick Castle did a remake of one of the medieval battles that happened England vs Scotland.
Shame I didn't remember the name of the battle, but there were so many battles between England and Scotland that it doesn't really matter which battle it was.
It was spectacular, the muskets crackled, the cannons roared, the soldiers roared and rushed at each other with their spears 6-8 yards long.
It was heaven for me because of the roar of cannons and a lot of gunpowder smoke. I was also a professional soldier, later a stuntman too, and these noises and smells remind me of the better side of my past.
That some of the stunts, among them the medieval soldiers, wore Goodyear and Camel boots, one of them wore dioptric Ray Ban glasses, but I also saw wires sticking out of the ears that led to a pocket :)
The main thing is that we had a great time, and it didn't rain, even though the metoffice promised that it would rain all day long.
It was not.