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Function: supersonic passenger aircraft Manufacturer: UK BAC (now BAE Systems) France Aérospatiale (now EADS) Production number: 20 Staff: 3 people First takeoff: March 2, 1969. Commissioned: January 21, 1976. Decommissioned: November 26, 2003. Length: 61.66 m Span: 25.6 m Height: 12.2 m Wing area: 358.25 m²

Structural weight: 78,900 kg Fuel: 95,800 kg Max. take-off weight: 186,880 kg Engine: 4 Rolls-Royce/SNECMA Olympus-593-Mk-610 afterburner gas turbine jet engines Thrust: 4×169 kN Main operators: United Kingdom British Airways France: Air France

I've never flown Concorde. Until now, I have not even seen a real Concorde in reality, only on TV and in the cinema. Not long ago we found the last copy found in Scotland. With the lichen mark G-BOAA, this specimen is now in a secluded location near North Berwick. This place is an old RAF military airfield that no longer does combat duties, it just stores and displays old and not-so-old civilian and military aircraft. Here you can see the Concorde, both outside and inside, and there are extras, more than those who traveled in it before. They could only see the plane from the outside and the passenger cabin when they boarded. Well, here you can take a close look at the cockpit, the landing gear, and if you're clever enough, you can even look inside the engines, which the former passengers couldn't do :)

Living history with us - the last Concorde in Scotland