Farne Islands, Northumberland - 21st July, 2022

This group of 20-22 islands is located off the coast of Bamburgh and Seahoses, the larger inner islands have a lighthouse and a few houses for rangers and ornithologists. Some small companies, mainly ex-fishermen, transport tourists to the islands. One such company, which already has a smaller flotilla, operates four new-build fast catamaran boats, and we received the invitation from them. It was a really great trip, although the weather sometimes played against us, the sheepish sunshine and gray storm clouds changed every minute. In the end we were lucky, the rain and heavier waves did not come. There were a total of five of us on board. The crew of the ship, Serenity 3, was three cool sailors, the captain knew the local waters. At low tide, he sometimes brought the boat within 3-4 feet of the rocks.

Well, instead of talking a lot, let's see the Farne Islands!

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