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Some dolphins at the Bamburgh coast - 21st July, 2022

We were only prepared for birds and seals, and we were surprised but delighted when one of the boat's crew gave the situation report that some dolphins had appeared in the direction of the Bamburgh coast.
This is where the advantage of the buffalo-powered light catamaran over the traditional, heavier steel-hulled boats was revealed...
In no time we reached the dolphins, it's true that they decided to stay here for a few minutes, and then they disappeared as quickly as they came. 
Catamaran, thanks! We managed to get some photos of the dolphins, but by the time the steel boats arrived, the dolphins had already left.

Unfortunately, there were very few photos, some of them only lasted a few minutes, and some of those who have already tried to take a sharp picture on a rocking boat, without a tripod and hand-held 700 mm telephoto lens, know why :)