All photography works for Ł15.00 / HOUR only

real estete & property  photography

The property / real estate photography similar as industrial / item photographym but offered for real estate agents mainly, but for private sellers and landlords too!
Do you want to sell or lease a property?
An apartment, a house, any industrial or commercial building, a land or a castle speaks for renters or customers, if you shows some great photos.
Take a look for the sample pictures!

...and how much it will cost you? Inside Oldham: A full photoset of a property, including 120 HiRes photo images, burned to a CD ROM, or a memory stick for Ł15.00 / HOUR only...
Outside Oldham I charge cost of travel for 14p / mile only.
To real estate agents discounted prices under serial orders.
Price don't including flash memorie sticks and paper printed images, under request laminated.