Shooting in the dangerous areas of work - I have the right skills, the right experience and own personal safety equipments!

For shopkeepers, restaurateurs, confectioners and bakers we offer his distinguished quality the food, drinks and the fruits photos.
We may prepare it the studio and your location, used by a portable studio.
Best way to product posters, menu cards and online displaying!
We can make poster prints to 30x40 inches size.

For catalog and online sellers we offer good quality, high resolution photography, by using of special product pgotography equipments.

Corporate brochures
Items or workers portraits
Ready made items
Industrial documentary
Architectural or interior
Product photography for
- Catalog and online sellers
- Shopkeepers
- Restaurants

For industrial documentary we prepare a full photoset of a building from first digprint to grand opening, or from the first screw to the ready made product.

If you are working to offer new business or manufacturing offer of your Company made items,
best way to show for your business partners! Either a small studio can be set up in your industrial locations or the right location can be found to realise the right look and make your items or manufacturing methodes achieve its true potential.

industrial & item photography

To see other service prices (prints, photobooks, memory sticks etc) CLICK HERE please.

All photography works we prepare for Ł15.00 / HOUR only